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introducing our new logo, interim website

Friends of Youth is in an exciting time of its identity, culture and imagination. For more than 70 years, the community has sought to grow and expand its work while deepening awareness and intentionality of impact locally, regionally and nationally.

our new logo

Our logo signifies this journey and sense of togetherness and openness: Uniting in a common space, in dynamic relationship together, with a sense of complex movement – coming in, moving through, and launching out.

Our logo, just as Friends of Youth exists, is not a closed circle or place of exclusion. The bright colors featured here represent a colorful intermingling of youth and the people of our organization, sharing aspirations of inclusivity and belonging.

For more, visit

our interim website

We're in the process of redesigning our website and telling our story more vividly. Stay tuned! More coming soon, thanks to the incredible people that make up the Friends of Youth community. Join us!

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