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Our Friends of Youth services accompany youth and young families as they achieve and surpass their goals—while facing circumstances of homelessness, foster care and behavioral health challenges.

How We Serve

how we serve

Building trusting relationships with young people starts with our strength-based case management. What does that mean? We choose to honor, value and support the strengths, resources, and relationships that each young person or family brings.


What does that look like? For example, in a residential living context: each resident meets with a Case Manager to develop an Independent Living Plan (ILP). The ILP informs the Case Manager about what each young person wants to focus on, such as employment, education, mental health, sobriety, parenting skills, obtaining childcare resources, or establishing healthier natural supports and community connections. The Case Manager helps each resident break down goals into actionable steps.


For example, if a young mother’s goal is to improve her mental health, actionable items will include researching local mental health organizations, calling to schedule an appointment, securing a method of transportation to the appointment, attending an appointment, and attending a follow-up appointment.

Harm Reduction

We meet each person where they are, without judgment. Harm reduction strategies are a vital part of our ability to foster an environment where young people feel safe and welcome. All employees are trained to use harm reduction principles to partner with young people as they explore the benefits of reducing and eliminating risky behaviors. 



Our mission and day-to-day work in service to youth and young adults exist within a large complex system of social work. We are committed to challenging, changing, and dismantling all systems of structural and historical oppression that adversely affect youth, young adults, and families. Friends of Youth has been dedicated to a goal of becoming an antiracist, multicultural organization. We design and operate our program and service areas to be inclusive, non-stigmatizing, and sensitive to our youth's complex identities. Friends of Youth prioritizes hiring employees who represent the communities we serve and actively seek multilingual and multicultural employees who are fluent in the languages spoken by young people.

Trauma-Informed Care

All service areas offered by Friends of Youth are provided from a trauma informed philosophy of care. Friends of Youth trains employees and volunteers on the impacts of trauma and works to support positive engagement with young people by taking the impact of this trauma into account. We see young people become the change agents of their own stories as we collaboratively build individualized goal plans that see accomplishment.

Services Grid

our services

behavioral health

Mental health and substance use counseling services provided through individual, family and group sessions for youth and young adults ages 4-24. Services are provided Monday through Friday by appointment only, virtually and/or via offices in Issaquah, North Bend and Duvall.


We accept most commercial insurance plans and apple health, exclusions may apply.


For more information or to schedule an assessment email us at or call 425.392.6367 ext. 2

drop-in services

Providing basic needs resources for young adults ages 18 – 24 including shelter, food, showers, laundry, clothing, and hygiene materials. Access to case management, behavioral health, employment services, and housing navigation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


12735 Willows Road NE, Kirkland WA 98034 

(between 139th Ave NE to the north and 141st Ave NE to the south) 

call or text 425.449.3868 for more information or transportation

education and employment services

Our Youth Employment Program provides comprehensive employment services and job-readiness skills to youth and young adults, ages 18 - 24, who are experiencing homelessness in King County. We also provide individually focused continued education support for current clients for local GED programs, colleges (2 year and 4 year), and vocational training.


For more information email

foster care licensing

Are you interested in exploring foster care and being supported once you are licensed? To learn more about the process of applying to be a part-time or full-time foster parent, volunteer, or sponsor an outing for foster families, please reach out! 

For more information, email or call 425.761.0595

healthy start

Home Visiting for pregnant and/or parenting families with children younger than age six. Home visitors provide a safe space and meet families where they are at while providing basic supplies, parenting support and information, group activities, developmental and health screenings, and referrals to community resources.

For more information, call 425.785.8720

home based foster care

Foster homes that provide mental health support, independent living skills, individual-group-family therapy, educational support, case management, family participation, and coordination of legal services. 

For more information, call 425.228.5776 ext. 111

safe place

24-hour crisis hotline for youth ages 12 - 17. Safe Place coordinators assess crises, provide outreach and referrals to appropriate shelter and support services.

All King County Library locations, metro buses, local businesses, and non-profit organizations are official Safe Place sites—2,100 sites in total. See a map of Safe Place locations here!


Text or call - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: 1.800.422.TEEN (8336)


YOUNG ADULTS (18 - 24)  |  Willows Youth Services Center

Providing basic needs resources for young adults experiencing homelessness including shelter, food, showers, laundry, clothing and hygiene materials 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

12735 Willows Road NE, Kirkland WA 98034

(between 139th Ave NE to the north and 141st Ave NE to the south)

MINORS (under 18)  | Youth Haven

Emergency shelter and transitional living which serves youth ages 7 - 17 with case management, life skills and education supports, recreational outings and focuses on housing stability and family reunification whenever possible.

24 hours, 7 days a week

residential foster care

Staffed independent living homes for refugee and immigrant young adult men, ages 16 - 20, that support independent living skill development, education and job-seeking support, case management, coordination of medical services, mental health counseling, and legal services.

supportive housing and rapid rehousing

Providing supportive case management services to young adults and families ages 18 - 25 residing in Imagine Housing’s Francis Village property in the Totem Lake neighborhood of Kirkland.


 Friends of Youth’s Rapid Rehousing program helps young people experiencing homelessness locate and successfully transition to
permanent housing.

For more information email or call 206.409.6009

transitional living

Multiple sites, located in King County, offer safe housing, case management, counseling, and life skills for young adults, pregnant and parenting mothers, parenting families, and their children ages 18 - 24.

For more information email or call 206.409.6009

youth engagement

Engaging youth under the age of 18, who are at risk of, or are experiencing homelessness. Offering case management, individual and family therapy and mediation, coordination of care, financial assistance, civil legal assistance, and community outreach.

For more information:

Call 425.588.1021 or 425.588.1150

Image by Kelly Sikkema
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