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new site map: safe place, king county-wide

We're excited to share a custom Google Map of all Safe Place sites in King County for youth, young adults. Check it out here! We made it into a link so it is easy to share as well. Here you go:

Safe Place is a national crisis intervention model that seeks to ensure the safety of homeless and runaway youth by providing crisis intervention and prevention services, including emergency shelter and family reconciliation, when possible. With the National Safe Place model currently being implemented in 40 states across the country, Safe Place fits within King County's goal to prevent youth homelessness by preserving family connections when safe and appropriate and by engaging and supporting runaway youth and young adults before they become street involved.

All King County Library locations and metro buses, as well as select local businesses and nonprofit organizations are designated Safe Places for youth and young adults. Safe Place in King County is supported by both Friends of Youth and YouthCare and reaches out to youth ages 12-17 through direct outreach, partnering with local businesses and nonprofit organizations. Together, these partners provide over 2100 Safe Place sites throughout King County, where youth can connect to a Safe Place and access additional services.

These individuals and groups are the pillars of strength that support a national safety net for youth and young adults. Thank you to all our sites and partners! Without you, we could not do the work we do.​​​​​​​

Need to find your nearest Safe Place? Text “SAFE” and your current location to 44357 or call 1-800-422-TEEN (8336).

Check out the full list of Friends of Youth programs and services here!

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