Together, we are painting a portrait of the future we want for the Friends of Youth community.


Our vision and mission lie at the very core of our brand. The vision looks to the future we want to help create; the mission states why we exist and what we do.


Although these are internal messages, they also provide a useful way to tell the world what we stand for.


Our brand tells our story.

introducing our new logo


Since 1951, Friends of Youth has provided hope, community, and opportunities for growth to young people in King County. Our brand tells the story of those origins, as well as that of our clients, who often come to Friends of Youth seeking shelter, grow within our programs, and leave us stronger and more ready to accomplish their dreams.

Our logo signifies this journey and sense of togetherness and openness: Uniting in a common space, in dynamic relationship together, with a sense of complex movement – coming in, moving through, and launching out.


Our logo, just as Friends of Youth exists, is not a closed circle or place of exclusion. The bright colors featured here represent a colorful intermingling of youth and the people of our organization, sharing aspirations of inclusivity and belonging. 

This logo helps to inform all design choices within the Friends of Youth brand, emphasizing the ever-present movement and inclusive joining of the youth we are honored to know and help grow and achieve.

Furthermore, language connoting this process, openness, and intermingling of paths and journeys, is encouraged in all copywriting and communication.

what are brand guidelines?

A brand is just as unique as a fingerprint—individual, impossible to perfectly replicate, identifiably you.  Think of this branding in the same way.

Every time we have the pleasure of meeting someone new, whether it’s online or offline, we want to land that first impression, immediately striking a cord and sending a message about the type or organization we strive to be.

Every interaction, every print or digital collateral piece we produce, should show our values, our commitment to youth, and our thoughtful approach.

Consider this set of guidelines as your trusted advisor when creating, constructing, writing, or otherwise adding life into the materials that come from the Friends of Youth brand.

Aim to maintain these guidelines to the closest degree whenever possible, for both internal and external content and communications.

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