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give someone a fresh start this holiday season

In East King County, parallel to numerous communities across Washington state, unhoused, unsheltered, and homeless youth and young adults face significant challenges. For these young people, facing unpredictable and often traumatic existences exacerbates their situations and exposes them to heightened risks of crime, abuse, and even human trafficking.

Whether our young neighbors were forced out of the house, aged out of the foster care system, abandoned, or fled a dangerous situation, they come to Friends of Youth for hot meals, clean clothes, and a safe place to sleep. And for something even more comforting...the promise of a fresh start.

We keep our doors open to youth and young adults who are unsheltered and vulnerable. Our shelter beds are consistently occupied, underscoring the urgent need for support today. Our goal is to help all vulnerable youth and young adults who need help in our community.

Through compassionate gifts, we aim to offer safety and care to youth and young adults. Providing nourishing meals and dry clothes during cold, rainy days we strive to offer comfort. Wrapping them in warm blankets we extend assurance of a secure place to sleep. Above all, our commitment is to provide them with the promise of a renewed beginning. 

The cold streets are no place for youth or young adults. Please give to Friends of Youth today so vulnerable youth and young adults can get shelter, food, and care in a safe place to build their lives and restore their hope.

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