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COVID vaccination mandate, effective january 31, 2022

As you know, Covid-19 keeps evolving, as do the mitigation measures being put in place to keep us all safe.  We have received several contract notices from funders that require all workers who have direct, in person contact with the general public in performing services under the respective contract, to be fully vaccinated. Exemptions are no longer allowed.

In addition to these requirements and due to the ever-changing landscape of navigating COVID-19 variants and the need to protect our employees and youth we serve--we must move forward with having all our employees fully vaccinated. 

  • Employees who received a religious or medical exemption in September will be required to be fully vaccinated by January 31, 2022.

  • Employees who have only reported a single dose, will also need to document proof of full vaccination by that time.

The vaccination mandate is a contractual requirement as well as a Public Health directive in line with Governor Inslee’s vaccination proclamation.

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