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ceo update | march 2023

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Partner with Us and Help Ensure Youth Face Zero Days of Vulnerability

Today I reflect on the many youth and young adults who continue to face numerous challenges, including mental health, substance use, and housing insecurity.

My vision for Friends of Youth is that young people face zero days of vulnerability. We know this is an ambitious goal, especially when we review the statistics of how many young people are homeless. A 2022 study by the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services showed that 17% of youth who were surveyed who exited the foster care system, and 21% of youth surveyed who exited the criminal justice system, were homeless a year later.

The above report also noted the underlying risk factors that increased the chances of youth experiencing homelessness, including neglect or abuse and lack of employment.

Even with such great challenges, we know our goal of zero days of vulnerability for every youth is possible with the help of our partners. Your donations help us provide a wide array of services to some of the most vulnerable youth in King County.

You are making it possible for us to open a new emergency shelter for youth; the only one in East King County. This emergency shelter will double the capacity of youth we’re able to serve in our current location and provide access to more services.

Your donations also provide resources to foster care families, support to young parents, and make it possible for youth experiencing substance use or mental health challenges to receive counseling.

Youth who are homeless, facing substance use and mental health challenges or are teen parents, have the same hopes and dreams as all youth; they want to have a positive vision for the future, learn and feel a sense of connection to their community. When they are vulnerable, it is more difficult for them to believe they can reach their full potential.

I invite you to attend our upcoming Celebration of Youth events in April. Learn more about the challenges facing homeless youth and youth in foster care. Meet other members of our community who share our vision of ensuring all youth face zero days of vulnerability. Your partnership with us will change the future, one youth at a time.

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