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volunteer and in-kind spotlight | thank you for all you do!

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

May was a great month for volunteer projects and in-kind donations thanks to a variety of groups: Assistance League of the Eastside; Bear Creek Methodist Church; Bear Creek School; IntraCorp; Parker Smith and Feek; Project Linus; and ServiceNow.

On May 6, our friends at Parker Smith and Feek brought a group of over 20 people to weed and till the garden beds and surrounding areas at several of our properties. This project helped prepare gardens for clients and residents to grow all types of plants. At the same time, another group worked on organizing the clothing and hygiene sections of our donation space.

On May 20, volunteers from IntraCorp braved the heat to clear grass and build new wooden raised garden beds for Youth Haven. The beds and soil, also generously donated by IntraCorp, will be used by residents to plant a range of edible plants. We can’t wait to see what they grow!

Once again, Bear Creek Methodist Church came through to honor and express gratitude for the mothers in our programs by putting together over 30 Mother’s Day baskets with a range of self-care products.

Quinn Smith, a volunteer from Bear Creek School, arranged a donation drive with her classmates to collect snacks, hygiene items, and other essentials for clients.

Towards the end of May, Assistance League of the Eastside used its funds to purchase items for clients moving into their first homes. Among many other items, they brought laundry baskets, and kitchen and bathroom supplies for young people to thrive! Approximately 240 donated items filled our large conference room. We are so grateful for this amazing new partnership opportunity!

The Bellevue Chapter of Project Linus dropped off about a dozen homemade blankets and quilts for clients to use.

To help keep our clients rolling, ServiceNow designed, assembled and donated 10 skateboards that are currently making their way around East King County.

Thank you, everyone, for your continued support of Friends of Youth!

If you are interested in hosting a donation drive, email to find out what our most emergent needs are and how to get started.

If you are interested in volunteering or working on a volunteer project, please email to learn more.

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