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thank you for partnering with us to ensure youth face zero days of vulnerability

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Thank you to all our supporters who participated in Friends of Youths event on April 20, 2023! Last night, Friends of Youth hosted our second in-person event in April to celebrate youth and the support we receive from our staff and community.

The event was held at The Kirkland Youth Services Center, and we are grateful for the participation of our employees and community for taking the time to take part with us in this celebration.

Thank you to our panelist Councilmember Amy Falcone, Scott Schubert, and Kyle Ward for the great conversations about the current issues around homelessness. An extra special thanks and appreciation to our MC, Friends of Youth’s very own Manager of Transitional Living Programs, Jemella Kennebrew, for leading the program.

We have a goal of raising $500,000 to continue to support our programs and making sure the youths we are serving are facing zero days of vulnerability. We have currently raised $418,033!

We invite you to attend our last upcoming Celebration of Youth special event held on April 27 focusing on our support for youth impacted by foster care. Learn more and registered by going to or by emailing

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