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office of diversity, equity and inclusion (odei) division updates

In our continued dedication to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), we're excited to share several key initiatives driving a more inclusive environment within our agency.


We've launched a comprehensive learning program consisting of five components: a bi-monthly bulletin, virtual group lessons, self-learning modules, and team-specific trainings. These efforts aim to spread DEI awareness and foster ongoing learning and accountability throughout our organization.


We've forged strategic partnerships with the community to better engage and support LGBTQIA2S+ clients, ensuring they feel welcome and included.


We are actively fostering unity in our physical spaces, through deliberate choices in materials for monthly acknowledgments, and promoting collaboration among employees and volunteers.


Despite the ongoing discussions around DEI initiatives, we stay firm in our belief in their importance. We see them as crucial for raising awareness and acting against oppression. Our main goal is to make real improvements in the lives of the vulnerable youth, young adults, and families we serve. Rather than only offering help, we aim to empower them and celebrate their unique qualities and contributions to our community. Through these efforts, we're committed to leading the way toward a future that is more inclusive and fairer for everyone.

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