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Substance Abuse Resources


Friends of Youth Substance Abuse Services, located at the Issaquah and North Bend offices, include a variety of prevention, assessment, early intervention, referral, and treatment programs for youth and their families. The agency accepts Medicaid and private insurance.

Friends of Youth Substance Abuse Services focus on five main areas:

1. Prevention

Presentations, consultations and training for schools and the community in Issaquah, Riverview and Snoqualmie.

2. Assessment

In-depth evaluation of youth substance use and abuse, including comprehensive treatment program referrals and resources to assist with admission to the appropriate treatment program if necessary.

3. Psycho-Education

Education designed to encourage healthier and safer choices through behavioral changes, building and using abstinence skills, and offering outreach and support.

4. Outpatient Treatment Services

Individualized treatment plans including a combination of family, individual and group counseling; group sessions meet in a weekly 10-rotation cycle and use a psycho-educational approach that requires participation from all group members.

5. Co-occurring Disorders

Counseling from experts trained and experienced in both mental health and substance abuse disorders.

Alcohol/Drug Information School

Youth and Family Services is offering a one day Alcohol / Drug Information School (A/DIS) to teach youth about the effects of drug/alcohol use and Washington law.





Pregunte por las clases en Espanol (Ask about our ADIS classes in Spanish).


Dates for ADIS Classes:
Issaquah Location
414 Front Street N, Issaquah, WA 98027
Please call for information 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Issaquah (425) 392-6367