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“When Wes first arrived, he missed his mother. She was addicted to drugs and neglecting him. Helping him grow healthy and happy has greatly enriched our lives.”

– Foster Parent

All About Foster Care

When children can't remain in their own family setting, licensed foster parents provide a safe and nurturing home until they can be reunited with their families, adopted, or placed into permanent homes. The number of foster homes in Washington has not kept pace with the number of children in need of care. Friends of Youth recruits and licenses foster parents, special individuals, and families willing to share their hearts and homes with children in need.

Our homes give children a sense of security, family, and home. Children and youth are placed into our care through Washington State or by the Office of Refugee Resettlement, DHHS. They come to us because they need a family in their lives, to guide, nurture and care for them as they journey toward adulthood.

Friends of Youth provides each child with a Case Manager, Case Aide, Mental Health Therapist, and access to additional resources and services as needed. We have a 24/7 emergency line for questions and concerns, so a foster parent always has someone on call for them.

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We welcome foster parents who have the interest in fostering both long-term or just for the weekend as respite providers. Foster parents must be over 21. They may be single, married, partnered, homeowners, renters, experienced, or inexperienced. All our foster parents must have the desire to open their home and hearts to children.

Friends of Youth provides monthly trainings and support groups so our foster parents will grow more confident in their abilities. Our dedicated foster parents are key to ensuring that foster children thrive.

Our Foster Care Advocate and Recruiter will answer your questions, guide you through the process, and assist in completing required documents. For questions, or to learn more, please contact Izzie Barbosa at or (425) 228-5776 ext 132.

Therapeutic Foster Care

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Foster Care Licensor

Lynnae Arredondo  (425) 228-5776 ext 115

Foster Care Advocate and Recruiter

Elizabeth Crollard  (425) 588-1162