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The Volunteer Experience


Volunteering at Friends of Youth can be a rewarding experience on a number of levels. Here’s what one current volunteer has to say:

“There are many reasons to volunteer your time to Friends of Youth. First, of course, is the good feeling that you are helping kids who did not have all the advantages that many kids had while growing up. It teaches you humility to see some of the obstacles they had to overcome to get out in the community and make their own contribution.

“Second, Friends of Youth is very supportive with a great staff. Small things like taking the kids on a tour add a personal touch to their lives. While they can never replace a good family home, such small personal touches by someone who believes in them have a lot of leverage in making the kids feel good.

“Third, you meet a lot of cool people doing volunteer work. They tend to be community-minded and outgoing.”

Al, Friends of Youth volunteer

Volunteer Photo Gallery

Over the years, we’ve met some amazing people through volunteering experiences at Friends of Youth. We have prepared this photo gallery as a way of capturing the unforgettable experiences we’ve already had, and as a way to introduce ourselves to new potential volunteers.

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Ferguson Enterprise at The Master Builder Association's "Painting a Better Tomorrow"08

Day of Caring 2007

Windermere Community Service Day 2006

Day of Caring 2006

Teen Feed 2006