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The Licensing Process

Foster parents must meet the minimum licensing requirements set by the state of Washington. As a Counsel of Accreditation (COA)-certified agency, Friends of Youth upholds strong standards of excellence and has some additional requirements. A licensor assists applicants through the licensing process, which includes:


During the process, a home inspection is conducted by a licensor to check physical aspects of the home, including safety issues. For more information about requirements and training for foster parents, please contact our recruiter. Additionally, the Washington State requirements are available on the DSHS website.


The PRIDE foster parent training schedule is available here.

Become part of our foster care team:



Foster Care Recruiter and Licensor

Judy Reyes  (425) 228-5776 ext 129

Foster Care Advocate and Recruiter

Izzie Barbosa (425) 225-5776 ext 132