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Position Title

    Residential Youth Counselor, Youth Haven


    The Youth Haven shelter program currently has an exciting opening for a full-time
    residential youth counselor. Youth Haven is a short-term emergency shelter for up to
    12 youth ages 7 – 17 in Kirkland, WA. The program provides a safe and supportive
    group home setting for up to 6 boys and 6 girls who are homeless or referred by the
    state child welfare system. A dedicated team of staff maintain a caring, healthy and    
    therapeutic atmosphere while providing counseling and referral services to assist in
    family reunification or finding a safe, stable housing alternative for youth.


    A. Treatment Tasks
        1. Maintain a favorable living and treatment environment in which the residents
            • by insuring that residents have a safe and clean place in which to live.
            • by demonstrating to youth that they are respected and understood as
            • by demonstrating to youth that people care about them and will take care of
            • by demonstrating that adults can help them deal with unacceptable behavior
                without being punitive, retaliatory, rejecting.
            • by demonstrating that youth will receive protection and guidance in controlling
                their impulses until their own controls are established.
            • by providing youth help with their problems in the group, school, community,
                and with their families.
            • by modeling appropriate behavior, language and attitudes.
        2. Model pleasant, positive attitude and disposition.
        3. Demonstrate self control in stressful situations.
        4. Use preventative as opposed to reactive floor management skills.
        5. Maintain appropriate physical structure and house schedule and safety.
        6. Remain visible and available to residents at all times.
        7. Assist in planning a wide range of recreational activities. Occasionally be
        available for extended recreational outings.
        8. Develop plan with residents for constructive use of free time.
        9. Learn, coach, and model Dialectical Behavior Skills.

    B. Housekeeping Tasks
        1. Teach and supervise various chores, including meal set-up and clean-up,
            residence and grounds maintenance.
        2. Take initiative for and supervise residents in completing allowance chores and
            household tasks.
        3. Demonstrate concern and pride in the environment. Create a clean and pleasant
            surrounding. Encourage safe and careful treatment of all agency property.
        4. Take responsibility for reporting any damage to agency property and when
            appropriate, discipline for damage in accord with Friends of Youth policy.
        5. Maintain linen, toiletry and clothing items. Teach, encourage and model personal
        6. Prepare meals and snacks as necessary. Require appropriate table behavior
            and conversation.
        7. Maintain prescribed medications in a secure area and dispense as instructed.
        8. Assist residents with school assignments. 9. Register residents in community
            school programs as necessary, arrange transportation, and monitor behavior,    
            attendance and academic progress.

    C. Monitoring Tasks
        1. Make every effort to protect and secure resident's property.
        2. Monitor residents' health, arrange medical appointments as assigned, transport
            to doctor as assigned.
        3. Monitor and document the whereabouts of all residents at all times.
        4. Report any known or suspected abuse, exploitation or neglect of residents in
            consultation with management to Child Protective Services.
        5. Monitor and assist Program Supervisor in training volunteers, interns and relief
            staff in the completion of their duties and service time.

    D. Participate as a Member of the Treatment Team
        1. Read each treatment plan, become familiar with specific goals for each resident.
        2. Be familiar with both the agency treatment philosophy and program, as well as
            the individual treatment and goals for each resident.
        3. Attend and participate in staff meetings if applicable.
        4. Provide transportation as necessary.
        5. Contribute to discussions, offer input and feedback concerning both residents
        and co-workers.
        6. Initiate conflict resolution.
        7. Display positive morale, speak positively and objectively about the program.
        8. Attend agency or professional training, seminars, or conferences to increase
            professional knowledge.
        9. Encourage the involvement of family members and support persons where

     E. Communicate Information in Verbal, Non-Verbal and Written Form and Maintain
         Required Forms and Records
        1. Provide objective descriptive narrative of behavior events.
        2. Understand and separate one's own belief and value system from interpretation
            on behavior and events.
        3. Be straight-forward and concise in communications.
        4. Show congruency between verbal and non-verbal messages.
        5. Maintain daily communication log, and milieu notes of behavior on each
        6. Set up accounts, log entry, and disburse allowance and earnings funds for
            residents consistent with state and agency guidelines.
        7. Record medication receipts and disbursements.
        8. Record fund receipts and disbursements.
        9. Complete incident reports per agency policy.
        10. Record meal counts at each meal.
        11. Complete other reports as requested by supervisor(s).

Required Skills and Qualifications

    A. Education and Experience
        1. Minimum of one year of experience working or volunteering with youth
        (at-risk youth experience preferred) OR Bachelors degree in a related field.
        2. Must be twenty-one years or older.
        3. Must have a valid Washington State driver's license or be able to obtain one by
            date of employment.
        4. Employees and volunteers who operate their own or Friends of Youth vehicles
            on Friends of Youth business must have a safe driving record as defined by
            Friends of Youth. Employees and volunteers who operate their own vehicle(s)
            on Friends of Youth business must carry auto liability insurance that
            complies with the requirements of Friends of Youth.
        5. Must have a Red Cross First Aid Card, CPR and Food Handlers permit,
            HIV/AIDs training, or be able to obtain one within thirty days of employment.
        6. Must pass TB screening.
        7. Must successfully pass criminal history check (WAC 388-148-0035).
        8. Education or experience in cultural competency.

    B. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
        1. Understand the dynamics of troubled youth and incorporate knowledge into daily
            interactions with youth.
        2. Ability to show tolerance and acceptance of youth.
        3. Understand nature of youth/adult relationship. Is comfortable with, and accepts
        role of authority.
        4. Good role model.
        5. Demonstrate control in stressful situations.
        6. Know personal stressors and weaknesses, and work to overcome them.
        7. Knowledge of relevant COA standards, or willingness to become familiar with
            them, and participation in a Performance and Quality Improvement process.
        8. Ability to engage with diverse populations in a culturally responsive manner.


    Full Time


    $15.60 / hour

Reports to

    Program Supervisor



Application Deadline

    Open until filled


    Send cover letter and resume to Bailee Bryant at bailee@friendsofyouth.org

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