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Position Title

    Family Support Specialist, Youth Haven


    The Youth Haven Shelter program offers twenty-four hour care for up to 12 youth
    (ages 7 through 17) in a state-licensed group care facility designated as a
    short-term placement for runaway and homeless youth and youth referred from the
    child welfare system. Using a strength based, trauma informed, “wrap-around”
    service philosophy, the Specialist will help youth and their families who are in need
    of conflict mediation, case management and counseling support. The Family
    Support Specialist must have knowledge of community resources, experience
    mediating with families and adolescents and teaching conflict resolution skills.
    They work to engage and motivate youth and families to participate in supportive
    services designed to facilitate and maintain family reunification whenever possible.


    A. Direct Service
        1. Maintain a caseload of current and formerly placed shelter youth and their
        2. Engage with shelter youth and conduct family functioning assessments with
        youth and involved family members.
        3. Assist youth and their families in the identification of primary sources of
        conflict. Coach and counsel the youth and family both individually and in joint
        sessions to work toward resolving these sources of conflict.
        4. Meet at least weekly with each youth and family while placed in the shelter
        and be available for after care contact post discharge. These contacts may be
        a combination of phone or in person contacts to take place in the home or
        community if needed in order to support sustained family reconciliation.
        5. Assume responsibility for the development and coordination of family
        meetings as a means to achieve client goals by using a “wrap-around” service        
        6. Provide referrals and assist families in connecting with additional services
        as needed.
        7. Transport clients when necessary.
        8. Contribute to weekly case staffing meetings with the Youth Haven staff team
        by providing progress reports and providing recommendations to staff on how to
        effectively engage families in services.
        9. Work collaboratively with the Youth Haven staff team to help create service
        plan goals for youth as they relate to strengthening family relationships.
        10. Create an aftercare plan with the youth and family and when agreed upon,
        schedule follow-up contact either by phone or in sessions to take place in the
        home or community.

    B. Administrative
        1. Observe/follow all of the confidentiality rights of clients.
        2. Maintain clear, up to date progress notes and case plans.
        3. Complete family assessments for all RHY youth and maintain hard copies
        in files.
        4. Ensure all required confidentiality and other compliance related documents
        are current for each youth/young adult.
        5. Collect required client data, enter data into Friends of Youth database, and
        report data to supervisor.
        6. Perform other job related duties as assigned by supervisor.

Required Skills and Qualifications

    A. Education and Experience
        1. Minimum of Bachelor of Arts degree in social services or related field,
        Master’s Degree preferred.
        2. Three years of experience in direct service role with families and at-risk
        youth preferred.
        3. Experience providing family support and/or counseling utilizing an Evidence
        Base Practice or Evidence Informed Approach is highly desired.
        4. Employees and volunteers who operate their own or Friends of Youth vehicles
        on Friends of Youth business must have a safe driving record as defined by
        Friends of Youth. Employees and volunteers who operate their own vehicle(s)
        on Friends of Youth business must carry auto liability insurance that complies
        with the requirements of Friends of Youth.

    B. Knowledge, Skills & Abilities
        1. Experience with supporting young people experiencing homelessness
        2. Knowledge of family systems and support principles
        3. Knowledge of child and adolescent development
        4. Group process/facilitation skills
        5. Understanding of services across various systems
        6. Ability to establish and maintain trusting relationships
        7. Ability to develop and maintain appropriate boundaries
        8. Ability to communicate with a wide variety of professionals
        9. Comfortable interacting with youth and families in informal settings
        10. Strong interpersonal skills and effective communication (written and oral)
        11. Ability to handle unique team dynamics and be an effective team member
        12. Willingness to learn relevant COA standards and participate in Performance
        and Quality Improvement process.
        13. An ability to engage with diverse populations in a culturally responsive
        14. Demonstrate a commitment to the values of equity and inclusion by honoring
        and celebrating diverse characteristics and expressions of personal identity.


    Full Time


    $40,000 - 45,000 DOE

Reports to

    Clinical Program Manager



Application Deadline

    Open until filled


    Send cover letter and resume to Bailee Bryant at bailee@friendsofyouth.org

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