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    DCS Program Supervisor


    The DCS Program Supervisor serves as the Medication Coordinator for up to 16
    unaccompanied youth on campus and oversees staff training as directed for up to
    twelve unaccompanied male youth in McEachern House.  The position provides
    direct service to the program ensuring clinical and medical needs for each youth
    are met with the fewest possible barriers.  The PS coordinates with the Division of
    Children’s Services in locating and gaining authorization for medical treatment
    through the systems available to youth.  The PS also serves as assistant to the
    Program Manager in orienting, training, and supervising new youth counselors. 
The PS assists the PM in establishing and maintaining a caring, healthy and
    secure treatment atmosphere for youth in McEachern House.  The Program
    Supervisor sets an example for staff in the supervision, monitoring and documenting
    of youth movement.


    A. Supervisory Tasks
        1. Assist in interview, selection, and training of Youth Counselors and Relief
        staff in health and safety requirements, agency policies, basic youth
        intervention techniques, and DCS program policies and procedures.
        2. In cooperation with the Administrative Manager and Program Manager, ensure
        the adequate staffing of all shifts in compliance with agency policy and contracts.
        3. Supervise the residential youth staff in implementation of the treatment
        objectives. Meet two or three times per week with new staff for orientation and
        performance evaluation purposes for the employee's first two months on the job.
        Ensure that the new employee learns documentation procedures and skills
        consistent with agency policy and contract requirements.
        4. Give staff regular verbal and written feedback on the adequacy of performance,
        both positive and negative, and suggest alternative methods of problem resolution
        when appropriate.
        5. Prepare and organize staff performance evaluations at six months and then
        yearly thereafter for completion by the Clinical Program Manager. This includes
        providing information on performance relative to the job description and stated
        6. Monitor the accumulation and use of compensatory time by staff and ensure
        it is used within the week in which it is accrued.
        7. Meet with the Clinical Program Manager on a weekly basis to discuss
        program progress and employee performance.
        8. Provide information on appropriate on-the-job behavior by staff members to the
        Clinical Program Manager as quickly as possible when indicated. In an
        emergency and in accord with written agency policy, may, in the absence of
        the Clinical Program Manager or the Program Director, relieve a Youth
        Counselor from duty until the Program Manager makes an initial determination of
        the situation.
        9. Assign shift tasks to staff as needed and monitor task completion.
        10. Participate in selecting, incorporating and supervising student interns and
        volunteers in completion of their duties and service time in cooperation with
        the volunteer coordinator.
        11. Provide input to Clinical Program Manager regarding day-to-day behavior of
        residents. Work with Clinical Program Manager to establish and implement
        appropriate therapeutic goals.
        12. Attend agency or professional training, seminars, or conferences to
        increase professional knowledge.

    B. Medication Coordinator Tasks
        1. Train staff in medication management. Coordinate pick up and disposal.
        2. Organize and update the medication log weekly including authorizations,
        medication descriptions, and current signed consents for each youth.
        3. Ensure new 30 day supply of medication on time. Note all changes in log.
        4. Count medications weekly and complete report for submission to Director.
        Track and correct errors daily. Retrain staff who miss medications.
        5. Responsible for all TAR authorizations and report TAR emergencies within
        one business day.
        6. Schedule and arrange with Youth Counselors a physical examination on
        Intake, oral exam, mental health screening, eye examination, and
        7. Seek out and train medical services to accept TAR system.

    C. Unit, Records and Safety Tasks
        1. Assign staff to recreation activities. Oversee weekly recreation money, and
        receipts are submitted.
        2. Maintain unit vehicle mileage log. Responsible for the cleanliness and upkeep
        of the vehicle. Ensure mileage is logged properly and submit log to
        Administrative Manager on a monthly basis.
        3. Responsible for the health and safety of the house pursuant to agency
        licensing and guidelines. Make ongoing checks of fire extinguishers; pull
        alarms, heat detectors and smoke detectors. Assure a fire drill is held at least
        once per month and submit a report to the Administrative Manager, earthquake
        drills are completed quarterly.
        4. Oversee telephone log, daily individual log, and meal count sheets.   
        5. Participate in management meeting of agency supervisor staff to discuss
        common concerns and to adopt or modify policies and procedures.
        6. Delegate above tasks in coordination with the PM as appropriate.

Required Skills and Qualifications

    A. Education and Experience
        1. A Bachelor of Arts Degree in the social sciences area is preferred.
        2. One year of experience in working with emotionally disturbed or delinquent
        3. Must have a valid Washington State driver's license, or obtain one by
        employment date if a requirement for the position.
        4. Must have Red Cross First Aid Card, CPR, or obtain one within thirty days
        of hiring.
        5. Must pass TB screening.
        6. Employees and volunteers who operate their own or Friends of Youth vehicles
        on Friends of Youth business must have a safe driving record as defined by
        Friends of Youth. Employees and volunteers who operate their own vehicle(s)
        on Friends of Youth business must carry auto liability insurance that complies
        with the requirements of Friends of Youth.
        7. Education or experience in cultural competency.

    B. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
        1. Knowledge of adolescent growth and development.
        2. Attention to detail in managing tasks.
        3. Ability to observe and discuss behavioral adjustment problems and suggest
        appropriate alternatives including Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Cognitive
        Restructuring Skills.
        4. Ability to develop warm and open relationships with disturbed youth.
        5. Demonstrated willingness to assume extra responsibility.
        6. Knowledge of Friends of Youth and DCS Policies and Procedures.
        7. Knowledge of relevant COA standards and participation in a Performance
        and Quality Improvement process.
        8. Must demonstrate sensitivity and responsiveness to cultural differences and
        a commitment to the value of cultural competency.


    Full Time



Reports to

    Clinical Program Manager



Application Deadline

    July 26, 2018


    Send cover letter and resume to Christina Salguero at

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